RFID Secure Leather Passport Cover with 6 Card Slots – Tan

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Protect your passport and cards. Carry as few as possible items.

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Our Genuine Leather Passport Holder features the best RFID shielding in the industry. In addition to shielding your passport, this item has 6 card slots. Every single card slot is entirely shielded individually. This way, when you open the holder, each card is still protected, so thieves cannot consolidate your information. There is also an extra shielded pouch behind the card slots that can hold bill, receipts, etc.

When you open it to insert your passport, you slide the front cover into the clear plastic sleeve on the left. But on the right, there are Velcro tabs folded over the leather so that you do not have to bend and break the spine of your passport book in order to insert or remove the back cover of your passport from the holder. This will help to keep your passport in pristine condition.

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